Reviews for "SOTN - Lost Paintings [Re"


I F'ing love SOTN

MusicWizard responds:

Hehe, How does not? :P

Thanks for your review and vote, btw.


This song is so refreshing. I can remember just going to the library in the reverse castle just to listen to this.
Then I got older and found out the game had a sound test lmao!

But yes you did it just right, the strings are well placed and mixed in.
The pizzicato hit just right.
And the beautiful melody.

Thank you for submitting such a beautiful remake of such a beautiful song.

MusicWizard responds:

No no no, thank you for your review and vote.

Yes i agree with you, i also uses to dream about when i cross the part of the game with this sweet tune. And now i have composed my own remake of it to always be able to listen to it when i want.


Very well done. The quality of your work is great, and I hope you are (or one day) work(ing) professionally. Congratulations on Top 20 and keep working! Maybe one day you'll be composing for a Castlevania game :D

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks for your review and vote.

Yes, thats my dream, to work side by side with Michiru Yamane with the music for further Castlevania games. I know if i had better equipment i could do better, but hey, no one is prefect right? ;)

I look forward to any other tracks you create

this song was one of my favs from the game. I think you did a great job balancing out the original melody to appease the fans while giving it your own signature on the keys. great job!!

* if you know someone who has guitar skills to collab with, may I suggest doing your own rendition of TRAGIC PRINCE. that is my favorite song from that series and every version I have heard on NG doesnt do it justice.

MusicWizard responds:

Thank you.

Well, i am actually searching for a skilled guitarist, but i have not found one yet.
And a studio to record at for that matter, i had my thoughts about buying a mic and a mixer to record such tracks as well, or just a pod with line-in and USB connection to plug it in to my computer and do the rest with FL and some plugins and stuff.

If i manage to get allt that i would make lots of more tracks that contains distorted guitars, included that one you would like to hear, and of course, Dracula's Castle amongst other.

Wow i might use this some day

perfect i might use this in a project some time this summer... if u dont mind.

MusicWizard responds:

Sure, use it, as long you credit my work as the composer.

Thanks for your revire and vote.