Reviews for "SOTN - Lost Paintings [Re"

A very awesome job.

One huge Castlevania fan here,old and new. I love this cover of Lost Paintings. It's a nice calm song. Castlevania games always have amazing music. lol i'm a soundtrack whore for that. Anyway yeah, i'll listen to your others. Great job.

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks a million once again.

yes, i am a Castlevania Whore in that case, i just can't stop playing the games.
And i look forward to Lords of Darkness, the next part coming soon.

Wow, if only they had used this remix...

This should be used in the next game.

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks a million.

Yes, i hope Michiru Yamane who has composed the music for this game would like me to help her, just joking...but that would be nice if it was possible.

Well, i can just dream about it :P

Not much is different.

But nonetheless I appreciate the effort of making this. As I said, not much was changed with the song. Covers are meant to give an old song a unique feel. But either way it still sounds as good as the original.

MusicWizard responds:

Thank you.

Yes, it is as close to the original as possible and it is meant to be that way.
Thats my way or composing a remake and i think a remake should be otherwise it is a remix i think.

Nice song!

I did not hear the original, but I really like it...

MusicWizard responds:

Thank you.

You should play the game or listen to the OST.
The music through out the whole game is awesome.

It's a good remake

The instruments sound good together and all that, but this lacks originality. I mean, why wouldn't I just listen to the original version instead? It's practically the same thing with slight changes.

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks for voting and for your review.

And why you ask?

That because thats the way i like it and my remake is meant to be.
"As close to the origianl as possible with my own touch added to it" as i use to say/write.