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Reviews for "City of Ghosts"

The underworld rocks.

I LOVE it!
Looks awesome.

awesome art dude!


Can't get away from me

This is one of your finer works. It's refreshing to see something other than tits and cocks. You've got some great imagination and the skills to develop it. The whole piece is greatly detailed, from all the little bits of the horseman and his horse's armour, to the backdrop over yonder. I especially like the folds of the robes and the muscle shading of the animal. However, there are a few things that are off. The characters and their boney pedestal's art styles clash too much and they don't fit together. You should've made the bones sharper like the characters and not painting-esque like the background. Also, while the spooky faces in the sky are a nice touch, some of them aren't blended in very well and awkwardly stand out. Try working with the whole paint thing some more and get better acquainted with it. Also, the background has a few spots where it's a bit too simple. Maybe some mist would look good at the bottom right. You've got the talent, Shadman. Keep it up.