Reviews for "Helix - No Regret"

Intimidatingly Awesome.

At the risk of embarrassment, I'm going to say hearing your work...
well, it seems like I'll get cut in half, here.
It's awesome work.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I'm going to try to release something new soon... 60 hours of work a week, plus some school, plus playing for the company softball team, etc., and I don't have a lot of time left for music...

Holy dumb fuck!

Dude, seriously this is amazing! I heard this on that ostrich game and i started searching for it on google, yahoo, ne where! Til i found it on here! Thanks to u i even created my own profile (obviously) an this song is incredible! i thot it was actually like a real REAL song. no offense intended. Anyway, in my opinion ive heard tons of amazing and awesome songs on here but this 1 i can just keep coming back 2... its seriously mah favorite song. Well aright better get back to my shitty life...Hey...if it werent for that damn ostrich game....aww whatever. 6/5
if i could but im jus gunna half to settle with a 5. Good job man.

biscoid360 (like xbox!)

Helix6 responds:

It is a lot like a real song. If it makes you enjoy it more, you can send me 12 bucks and I will burn you a CD and send it to you. Then it will be even more real. I'm just being sarcastic. Thanks.


Heheheh, nice job! Using your awesome skillz and my awesome voting power, I raised the score by 0.02

Helix6 responds:



so coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!

I have no regrets either.

Thats why my life is so sweet and why i dont regret having heard this song!