Reviews for "Helix - No Regret"


Seems like you too know how to turn the knobs on FL to get those sweet ass effects. :D
Another great song from Helix, although i share chain's opinion on the riff sample you stick with.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. That guitar is gone in my newer stuff. I also agreed with Chainsaw. :)

Such power...

There's a real sense of power in this piece. The start's a little rough, but once it gets going the melody and beat sync up perfectly. Nicely done.

Helix6 responds:

I'm trying to work on just getting straight into the action more with my music. I always wrote for a more "album" type of feel with nice transitions between tracks but obviously that doesn't work on NG.


DUDE! holy crap!! I love this song and all 3 before this one! please PLEASE MAKE MORE LIKE THIS ONE!!! I hope you dont leaver anytime soon! PEACE OUT MAN! your my #2 fav author on NG #1 is ZeRo_BaSs but u never know! im never giving away ZeRo_BaSs to #2! If you keep this up you and ZeRo_BaSs will be #1 fav Authors, but man, i LOVE this song im putting it as my last boss song in my game im making which is only 8 hours long SO FAR ( im still working onn it) , but like i said.... DUDE you MUST keep this shit up!!

Helix6 responds:

If you like No Regret, find my new track, Archetype, one of my personal favorites. If you liked this one, you should really enjoy Archetype.

The only 4 songs on my car's mp3...

You are makeing pro grade material here... u should make a cd and sell it for $10... id buy it...

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I probably have about 6 or 7 records worth of material. If you are interested in accessing more of it e-mail me at helix6@hotmail.com.

oh man

thats so nice! :o good work! omg..i want new sounds :( any idea where i can get it? anyways nice fx, altho you gotta get out of that rock and beat part cause like 4th time you use it ;P
but fx and backmelody is always different tho, and realy good to! so like, i realy like this one:D hm..maybe try some different styles? i dunno.. nice work :)

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. Really nice to hear from a fellow artist. Although I haven't reviewed any of your stuff, I do respect you as an artist. Your review is much appreciated. I use FruityLoops for most of my sampling, but there are a couple of secret programs that I can't reveal :). FruityLoops is my greatest weapon as a writer, I suggest you fully explore it. Good luck and thank you.