Reviews for "Helix - No Regret"

F'ing Amazing

This song could be used perfectly for a boss battle, or any number of other things. It's amazing! Haunting, Intense and Perfect!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. Good adjectives - technically perfect perhaps, artistically no.

Holy dumb fuck!

Dude, seriously this is amazing! I heard this on that ostrich game and i started searching for it on google, yahoo, ne where! Til i found it on here! Thanks to u i even created my own profile (obviously) an this song is incredible! i thot it was actually like a real REAL song. no offense intended. Anyway, in my opinion ive heard tons of amazing and awesome songs on here but this 1 i can just keep coming back 2... its seriously mah favorite song. Well aright better get back to my shitty life...Hey...if it werent for that damn ostrich game....aww whatever. 6/5
if i could but im jus gunna half to settle with a 5. Good job man.

biscoid360 (like xbox!)

Helix6 responds:

It is a lot like a real song. If it makes you enjoy it more, you can send me 12 bucks and I will burn you a CD and send it to you. Then it will be even more real. I'm just being sarcastic. Thanks.


Very very nice.
I really like the way you make your music.
Best Industrial there is.
Keep it up, yeah, I know your busy, but your music is great, just don't forget about it.
Also, I SWEAR that part after the little pause with a heartbeat type sound in it, it comes in with a techno like beat, but then in the next verse, there is a tune that sounds uncannely like music from the Matrix. I know this because my Winter Drumline did our show last year on the Matrix, and our ending song was based off of that beat.

Helix6 responds:

Disclaimer: I have always/will always done/do my own beats and loops. Any similarities to other songs/compositions are purely coincidental (or inspirational). I know that MDFMK created a sample (36 seconds into "Rabblerouser") that sounded exactly like one I did, as well as a band I was in did a song (before) Rammstein replicated our guitar line for the "Spookshow Baby" remix on American Made Music to Strip By. Not that I have hard feelings - both songs kick. Anyway whatever. Thanks for the 10.

Intimidatingly Awesome.

At the risk of embarrassment, I'm going to say hearing your work...
well, it seems like I'll get cut in half, here.
It's awesome work.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I'm going to try to release something new soon... 60 hours of work a week, plus some school, plus playing for the company softball team, etc., and I don't have a lot of time left for music...

Better than ecstasy!!!!

What have ehrg.. you done the last months???? ehhrg..Without....ehr..helix-music...I have to die.....ehhrg..
I need mooore!!! Ehhrrg....

Helix6 responds:

I'm trying!