Reviews for "Helix - No Regret"


Another great song would rock people into a killing zombie mode! Anyway I can donate?


This is awesome. Exactly what I've been looking for... if you don't mind I'd like to use this in the next version for my StarCraft mod "VG War." I've been needing a decent title song. Credit will be given where it is due, so don't worry, Helix. ;3
P.S.- Full scores across the board, you deserve it.


Youre on mah favourite artists list!


It conjures up remembered scenes from Afro Samurai, for some reason. Which is quite a good thing. As someone below me said, its quite atmospheric and could fit quite nicely with a videogame battle. Also, the pick-up around 2:30 is quite brilliant.
An all round awesome song.


fantastic you win 5/5