Reviews for "piconjo pwnz ninjer"


What the fuck just happened, two guys fighting (normal), Some blob guy with big neck leaning over what looks like a leg coming out of his crotch(disturbing), a guy puking liquid feces out of his mouth (uhh...), and to top it off, some witch-like creature swimming/flying through a colourful portal (stupid).

Holy shit, I'm on dope!?

It's got everything pretty bland and short, but the most enjoyable part was this seemed like a story a freind of a freind told me when he was high. Anyways, nothing new or special. Music was repetitive and not really catchy (in the fun sense)and the Graphics were good for what was showing.


You should do less acid, or maybe more acid! Really though, I liked the animation and the style of it. If you made something with a cohesive story line or maybe just something longer I can see it doing very well.

Good bad

Title was Horrible(I know that has noting to do with it) Bad plot, Good Every thing Else though.

'Twas pretty good...

But was THAT picture needed on the preloader?