Reviews for "piconjo pwnz ninjer"


I LOVE <3 FLASHS, They is best on Ngs!

I <3 piconjo!

Well animated

-Good one.

I think I missed the point

Wow, no gay stuff this time. Well done!

Didn't NG ban you?

I thought NG banned you after you tried to flood the portal last week with your bullshit movies.

NG pwn3d Prickonjo, and they will keep pwning you!

piconjo pwns me not....

You know with a little more work this would be ok.
But i like comedy and no one does it better then LF.
I dont know wtf the second half of this was but the ninja fight wasnt too bad.

P.S teach me to talk like you...that way when i'm cuaght killing Bush I can plea i was retarded and didnt know what was going on...