Reviews for "(2004) Help im stuck!"

I recognise those cables... They are Original Xbox AV cables. :D

You lacked an apostrophe in "I'm". Anyway, this was really fun. I love how it just goes all over the place. First, it's about a pen and then it's just ignored. We later get this guy without arms. I'd like to see what damage he caused.

Hey, we see a human! Well, a human hand at least. I like how he keeps going deeper into the VCR. I remember when TVs were that big. It's very funny.

LOL, I wonder if he ruined his TV by sticking that guy in there, although 12 years later, it probably doesn't matter anymore. XD

lmao, the simplest situations turned into the best sketches! Random pen theme song, and then the real story kicks in! :D lmao, stuck in a Yoshiba... was not expecting that. Awesome work.


CD eating clays!