Reviews for "(2004) Help im stuck!"


GOOD JOB! well done knox!

PS my tv is bigger then urs!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!

WTF is a VCR?!?!?!?!?

Great stuff Knox. Just wondering when the major motion picture is coming out, like "KLAYMINATOR", "LETHAL KLAY", or "DIE... KLAY".


I remember the first time I watched your claymation stuff... T'would be the days of the glass of water. That was funny... But it seems as time goes on you're losing your touch. This one was just totally not funny. I'm disapointed. Please redeem yourself and make a funny one. Try thinking back to the good ol days of glasses of water and mass deaths and drowning and dieing from towels etc.... the good ol days.

this is funny.

the dialog sounds alot like that of the TV show "Home Movies". my favorite one is still the glass of water 1, though.

Here's what i think

This may sound a bit naive and stupid, but I think it's a given that knox's movies are gonna be good, so i'm gonna rate them based on how could they are compared to what is in my opinion, his best one.