Reviews for "(2004) Help im stuck!"

lol that is so mad its funny

i love it lol

bye the way i rateed u 3/5 on vote lol

Lol u halfed ur clay man....

r0fl L0l.....that was kinda funny a bit werid and u called it all agez (forget that for now) i just want to know why the hell he got stuck rmao itz like died or something.


Ive seen all your claymations up to The pancake bomb one and for some reason this is just my favorite!

Keep up the good work :D

good movie...

very good, just one question, HOW IN HELL DID YOU GET THE CLAY OUT OF YOUR VCR!!!! thats all i've got to say... i'm good... and keep up teh good work.


I saw peter the pickle from notyourfriendanymore when he asks am I on tv yet? 4 the first time.