Reviews for "(2004) Help im stuck!"


lulz, yeah.

I found the evil clown and peter the pickle.


lol that was funny!

i agree with i-am-the-lizard-king.....that guys account sould get deleted!


Brilliant animation with some classic comedy. Fantastic effects and sound. Loved the ending aswell. I have the same TV aswell.

VCR Crazy

I went further into the VCR

*muffled* Im in the VCR. Am I on tv yet?
Sigh (Sarcasm) Yes I can see you
Yay Hello im charlie and this is charlie tv *video goes in* AHH MUFFLE AHHH!!!!!

lol that is so mad its funny

i love it lol

bye the way i rateed u 3/5 on vote lol