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Reviews for "Emmy's Christmas Gift"


The last dudes a faggot. But this movie ruled, ever since the day year back, that I found your PotterPuppetPals on your eviltrailmix website, I've been a fan of your work. Keep it up!

Oh.....my....dear.....lord AWESOME!!!!

Hello Emmy I am Daniel Radcliff! Helo Emmy I am Rupert Grint. We are here to be you're Christmas Prreeeeset. Cause swaters give you belly button lint. You can do anything you pleeaaasse!! You can give my buttock a squeaze!! (*HONK HONK*) Any thing you want for Chriiiismas! Just watch out for Ruperts STD's! HEY!...You can have an Alan Rickman Christmas! I will be a most spellbinding lova. Right about now Emmy must be wooondering what the hell is wrong with her brother!
Wouldn't I look marvolous inside a hanging sock? Or underneath the Christmas tree With a ribbon on my...CANDY CANE!!!! Have a happy Christmas, (Have a happy Christmas), Have a happy Christmas, Have a happy Christmas Daayaaaaaaayyyyayyyyaaaaa DAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!................................*wink*

XD I loved it (as you can see) Well great job I loved the squeazing of the ass! XD hahaha great job! I hoped Emmy liked it!
(HIIII STACIE C!!!!!!!!! ))


squeaky butt!!!

hehe, am i the only one who noticed that you could actually click his ass?! also, was that really a picture of you, or just some random kid?


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! That was TOOOO FUNNY!!! I nearly peed myself. Niiiiice.

yah, this movie pwns

there is nothing better than getting Alan, Rupert, and Dan for christmas, except when they are all together ^____^ fantastic job, and keep up the stellar work!