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Reviews for "Emmy's Christmas Gift"

Everyone Should Have An Alan Rickman X-mas

I actually saw this on potterpuppetpals but HEY, it's oh soo deliciously good. --squeeze--

I definately would love to have Neil has a brother, or a lover. HAHA!

Keep it coming, Cicierega.

Heh heh heh....

I would like an Alan Rickman Christmas... *grins evilly*


That was sooo cute! What a nice brother you have, Emmy! He did a really good job making this. Lol, I didn't know that Rupert had STDs. ;) Boy, I wish I had a brother, that's such a sweet gift, kinda makes me want a brother... *sniff sniff* ha ha, well, have a Happy Christmas, Emmy, and have fun squeezing Rupert's ass! ;)

Who wouln't want this for Christmas?

This is exactly the kind of thing you WOULD show your grandkids when you get older, except their parents would disown you. Great music!

Dude, this is awesome!

I wish I had a brother like you dawg. What you did to Alan Rickman was funny as hell, and you made the kids funny looking like Terrance and Phillip on "South Park".