Reviews for "Finally a new"

Nice, dark as you like.

Really good composition, I love it.

I'll stroke my ego and say you took inspiration from my Creepy Face piece. Haha! As if! Great work.

SmokeryDots responds:

Thank you :)
Hehe, Yeah, I took the liberty to steal you design, sorry dude :-P

Great artwork! he'd make a great killing machine, but isn't a hitman supposed to be... well i dont know but alittle bit less inconspicuous? i mean anyone who saw that thing coming at them wouldnt think "hmmm must be a bad case of indigestion, but he wouldnt dare harm anyone!"............that is till he got ripped in half

SmokeryDots responds:

Haha, goog point :D

a realy nice piece.....reminds me of alucard from hellsing


I couldn't click the Favs button fast enough, it got frustrating.

Love it. The classic black and white contrast with the red dots as eyes is brutal. The concept reminds me of Alucard from 'Hellsing' mixed with the shadowy killer from 'The Darkness' with a nice touch of that demented form one would see in films such as 'The Thing'. It suits the demon minions well, in addition all those concepts happen to be my most favorite of all time meshed together into one design. Very impressive.

5 Stars, I couldn't possibly imagine this being any better than it is.

SmokeryDots responds:

Awesome! :D Thanks. It took a long time to make so I'm glad that people like it... I kinda like the monster designs as well, if I'm allowed to say :P