Reviews for "Finally a new"

Great artwork! he'd make a great killing machine, but isn't a hitman supposed to be... well i dont know but alittle bit less inconspicuous? i mean anyone who saw that thing coming at them wouldnt think "hmmm must be a bad case of indigestion, but he wouldnt dare harm anyone!"............that is till he got ripped in half

SmokeryDots responds:

Haha, goog point :D

Fantastically awesome piece!

Nice, dark as you like.

Really good composition, I love it.

I'll stroke my ego and say you took inspiration from my Creepy Face piece. Haha! As if! Great work.

SmokeryDots responds:

Thank you :)
Hehe, Yeah, I took the liberty to steal you design, sorry dude :-P

This is certainly intricate.