Reviews for "Reality Lost"


okay i was readin your other reviews and i was getting really pissed off, its like theyve never even opened flash before, as i was watching this i could almost see the sweat marks on the screen the work that went into this is amzing and people should vote 5 just on that but, then theres your style (vote on that) and then your animation (vote 6 on that) this animation is something that 90% of people could only wish to put in their portfolio, ive been following all your animations and your progress is outstanding. i love your style and cant wait for more, i hope to see your animation in full movies soon, mabye even real ones!

very impressive

this is a very impressive movie..but thats what's to be expected from a member of blackmaze. i hope that you continue with this project, you have a very unique style on your hands and a terrific story in the making to back it up. hopin to see more
-Ashtan Tejawulf


I give you 10 because this is a very particular style of drawing and making textures. There is three importants sides to point at:

First: The textures looks like crappy, but as the movie go on, we see that it's obiviously make on pupose. That gives a very original effect.

Second: The shape of the character is strange but I get surprised to like it. The head of the character is very thin in front view, again it give some strange effect but well maked as we can see that the face keep its shape whenever there is a front or a 3/4 view.

Third: The animation is spectacular ! Very well made. The heart of a an animation short is... the animation!

The three mixed make this flash a unique one. It deserve a mark of 10 with no hesitation. That will one of the beter flash ever in my mind.
(sorry if my english sucks sometimes)

From Yoda

Good thing to know that teh nanokorz is still doing good stuff ^^.
Great job as always ; and for those who don't know , there is alot of more good stuff made by Nanoko Studios , check em out :P.

-May the force be with you.


First I'd like to say "Dun-dun-DUUUHNNN". Make sense to you? No? Oh well.

Anyway, it was Very well done, if a little cliched. I know it seems like "Huh? How could this possibly be cliched?" But the whole "Is it real? Or IS IT?!?1?" and the overdramatic "Can they know whats real? If they don't know.... Whats real?!?!" Kind of thing.

Don't get me wrong. 1. I love cliched stuff. 2. I think it'll be great even if the preview has cliched wording.