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Reviews for "Reality Lost"

I'm just blown away.

This is amazing. I can't wait to see it full. I want to so bad, and it looked liked a real movie trailer.

nice action

looks so interesting. i would love to watch the actually video. the storyline i want to know more about. nice action.


this was good.
it looked like it
was actually gonna
be a movie or something.
& yeah. i liked it.


lol the way it was drawn was pretty good but the movement seemed kind of slugish lol everythign else was very good the effect and way it ws put togher owned lol keeps pppl guessing what is suppose to be real to the ppl in the flash keep up the good work u made alot of good trailers but never relly seen any other episoes please if u have he time make or finish them lol 4/5


First I'd like to say "Dun-dun-DUUUHNNN". Make sense to you? No? Oh well.

Anyway, it was Very well done, if a little cliched. I know it seems like "Huh? How could this possibly be cliched?" But the whole "Is it real? Or IS IT?!?1?" and the overdramatic "Can they know whats real? If they don't know.... Whats real?!?!" Kind of thing.

Don't get me wrong. 1. I love cliched stuff. 2. I think it'll be great even if the preview has cliched wording.