Reviews for "CannonBot Transformation"

Just had a art transformer orgasm!!!

this cant be 2D... IT CANT!!

awesome details man, very elaborate, nice work.

I wasn't expecting anything that good with this, but it turned out to be something really cool. You may not have a lot of views, but at least you're a fairly well known author here. Congradulations on being Tom Fulp's favorite art submission! Yeah, he makes a new one every couple of weeks anyway. I would have liked it if there was more action to this. I guess the figure should have stood completely up.

That's what you expect Transformers to do! It's still great to see such awesome graphics here. It seems like something that would be in the highest quality old fashioned "Street Fighter" game. Or really, any other pixellated arcade game. I could just watch this thing all day. Thank you for such a nice piece on this website.

NCH responds:

oh wow i didnt know tom fav it heh. thanks for the headsup

Wow very nice here.

Now this is something differant and its something beyond art, you put a little animation in there, i just wonder how long this did take you to do since it looks very detailed in the animation and transformation part, the art detail is fantastic, and its an overall good looking piece here the transformation of it all is fantastic aswell, now to see how this can be improved but i think you did an outstanding job here.

Well it was small, maybe a larger robot of transformation with even more detail would have been even a more plus on things and such.