Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"

Excellent animation!!

Santa was cool too .. he was like 4 feet wide


Its awesome that you were able to get roger moore to do the voice. As for the person who asked who roger moore was, HAVE yOU LIVED IN A HOLE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?


Awesome! Great style and pace, No rough edges in the animation, great sound effects,funny and ROGER MOORE AKA JAMES BOND!


now when is this going to be on the front page?

That was Cute!

It'd be cool to see something like this on TV ^_^

Abso-lutely AWESOME!!!

Roger Moore, Christmas and a cute fly...what more could I want? Nothing! This is absolutely excellent and deserves a 5 along with a coveted spot on my Favorites list. If only more Flash films were as great as this one!