Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"

That was Cute!

It'd be cool to see something like this on TV ^_^

Christmas rocks

This was a great flash movie. it really got me in the christmas mood. I also really liked the idea of the fly. Have a marry Christmas every one.

Flies Luv You 2, Man!

Merry Chrismahaunakwanza to all of New Grounds, Ebaum's World, Eazy-ECPT, Westcoast Aftershock, Yahoo & all the other cool websites, the flash was kind of fuckin' crazy, man! Flies are the pestiest insects out there though, so have a Happy Holidays to you, and a Happy Chrismahaunakwanza to all you New Grounders & Fu skinhead88!

you are cool

i like what you did with everything, no way to explain it. i noticed that at the end the sounds that the baby flies made, the whee! sounded a lot like pikmin. you know, the gamecube game.

o_O bloody hell celeb acting whatever next >.>

The animation here was reasonable and could probably be seen on TV as a short, but I never exspected the likes of Roger Moore as the voice of santa clause in a flash movie!

The only other celebrity I've seen willing do vocals for a flash movie is 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, but to be honest they're not really in the same league. Although the animation wasn't jaw droppingly good the fact an actor with such high status in Hollywood done voice acting says a lot about how respected the professional side of flash animation is becoming, it makes me prouder for learning this program myself now XD