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Reviews for "Glorious Leader"

The day they start launching those is when the apocolypse finally happens. Still, you turned something ironic into something comical, and I commend you for that. If only we all had the power to do that, it would be a much better world. But we cant all have your talent, cause if we do, there will be none left for you to call your own. Cherish the gift, o great artist. Cherish the gift.

idiot-monarch responds:


Very comical. The words "Like a boss" come to mind. The rocket looks like lipstick crossed with something else you could find in a women's purse, however...

So far everythings happening the way it did in homefront!

idiot-monarch responds:

vidya games

Reminds me of 'The Adventures of Kim Jhong Un', which I love btw.

Lol, I can see this happening. Funny artwork and impressive shading.

idiot-monarch responds:

"impressive shading"