Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 1"


that was GEAT!!!! i think i1ll add this one to my favs.... lol

Tootbook responds:

:) thanks


Excellent work. Especially the first battle. Very well done! 5/5

Tootbook responds:

My next battles so far are coming along way better than the first of this movie so keep an eye out!


NOOBIEN ME TALKEY LEET 1337 H4><0R. lol u rule toot.

Tootbook responds:

fuck you bitch!

Hey its me remember me from the chat?

I think ur good at flash, its a shame u quit.

Tootbook responds:

Well i didnt quit...just sprites ;).


That was a great flash, only problem I had with it was the fact that Setzer and Sabin didn't know eachother. But they knew everyone else. And it seems like you were making this after they defeated Kefka so they would all know eachother. If you can you should fix that. Other than that it was great.