Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 1"

not bad

it could be better at some points i got confused on what was going on it could be better. i am looking forward to the next one though so keep it up

Tootbook responds:

Im currently working on the next one and everything is looking freakin awesome! Keep an eye out for it, i expect it to be done soon.

Very nice

First time on voteing, but i thought that was Very awesome, im a Big fan of Final Fantasy and u cought my attention, keep up the good work and make more movies!!

Tootbook responds:

I will make more movies then!

Not bad

I'd think they're some stuff that could've been better

+It's oldskool sprites which I like
+Very well thought out
-The beggining was kindda dumb when you had the pixels to big and it was hard to see the pictures.

Tootbook responds:

thanky j00 chicken of nuking ness!


Not another FF6 animation. All of them are the same; Returners come together again to beat Kefka, exact same story as FF6 game, nothing original about it. I did liked the masking (Setzer walking behind the trees). The intro dragged out WAY to long I don't want to listen some sprite talking to himself for 2 minutes. Well atleast you didn't give all the characters 9999 HP and 999 MP like another sprite artist lol.

PS: awww you didn't include me in the 3-some :'( Or was I supposed to be Gau? =P

Tootbook responds:

Oh look its TheGoldCrow! He's so cool. I wish i had a golden penis. Yes you are gau ;)

you took a great game and made a crappy movie abou

what u did requires NO skill, u ripped EVERYTHING from FF6, (one of the best games of all time) and made this piece of crap

Tootbook responds:

Oh i did? Well actually the shyguy kingdom did, and the storyline is mine. I didnt make the music but I gave credit to Square and I didnt know that zero was a final fantasy 6 guy...