Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 1"

Nicely done. Tweens need a bit more work though.

The stlye gets a 6 because after all, its still final fantasy, and the whole empire is brainwashing everyone into slaves has been done before dont you think? Its still a decent story worth checking out. The sprites are animated smoothly enough, but I noticed some of the tweens are a little off. Mainly in the battle with the 2 soldiers, theres some collision problems, someone was overlapping someone else in one part. Fix that up, and keep going. 4/5

Tootbook responds:

Thanks Night Raider :D

It was alright

the plot was a lil rused along, But i think the basic idea was well put togehter. I am still a bit confused on how frog poped in outta nowhere.
It was not the best FF spoof i have seen, but it is worth being wacthed.

Tootbook responds:

Haha yeah frog jumping out of nowhere doesent make sense but...well that actually revolves around the main plot of my story wich is put aside for a very long time :(

What the....

I thought this was gonna be another FFVI fan script. But out of no where, Frog and Dark Knight Cecil come out of no where. And why cant we have ALL of the FF guys working togeather, they are always pitted agenst each other.

Tootbook responds:

lol :D. They are actually going to work together its just that Cecil was confused. Go check out the rest of my series on flipsided.com


Great use of sprites! I have to admit amination is flawless. I just really don't like the storyline for these charaters. Like you are taking this off of ff6 after giving the characters amnesia. 0.o That just plain sucks.

Tootbook responds:

Correct. I did give them amessia. It really isnt explained unti part 7. So you may have to wait a while


It was rather nice. I like how you combined many of the Square Soft games into one. Can't say it was great though.

Tootbook responds:

Thanks for the review.