Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 1"

Great story so far!

The story is really well done. The main thing I look for in games with no voice acting is how well done the text acting is done, and that's where you made it clear you put a lot of time into this. A lot of people don't realize that when they can't spell or something in a movie it actually has an affect on the reader, but great job, keep them coming.

Tootbook responds:

I will!

Dunno what to say

Didn't hate it, I enjoyed the pixelated sprite graphics, but I didn't really find the plot to be honest. The music and sound fx were terrible. Ok movie

Tootbook responds:

Thanks anyways :).

T'is cool!

The flash is cool, I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy II and III. Good job!

Tootbook responds:


I liked it.

Your bringing an old stlye back to life using your own twist. Great job.


OMGILOVEFINALFANTASYFLASHMANTHATROCKREALLYMUCH! You are very good at this man! Final Fantasy is the best! OMG i'm really looking forward to the second part!! Make the next just as good but with more fighting!

Tootbook responds:

The next one will have at least 4 minutes of action so keep an eye out :)