Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 1"


I like the music the best. Final Fantasy always have a great soundtrack. The animation was very smooth. Though how does Frog fit into this? I guess I'll have to go watch the other parts now.

Was this supposed to be related to FF3?

I'm not sure if it was supposed to be an extension of the FF3/6 storyline, but bringing in characters from FF4 and CT certainly didn't help things along....Was a bit random...Maybe if I watch episode 2 or 3 I'll get more insight....Standing alone, it wasn't that bad of an animation, but it really wasn't FF-canon or anything.

Tootbook responds:

lol, watch more episodes, it all pieces together...


cant type strait,things are getting blurry....kiddinh GOOD FLASHES

Why Mesh with a good thing!

Why did u re-do the series! It just fine before u touched it ! Why the fuck is episode three and four isn't here ! That was the best parts ! can u please re-make them cuz I wanted to see them again !
P.s. U get a ten because I'm in a good mood!

Tootbook responds:

lol alright...part 3's redo is getting redone right now..you'll like that i've added a lot more story to it, along with some Background info on Leo and Kain ( its mainly about Leo and Kain )


I have the first chapter reviewed now I just need the rest. Ok the animations was great but seeing as how you can't really mess up a sprite but ok. A little daring in the begining with the major close up, all the pixels were showing. I would like to see what is going to happen in the next chapters. I'm Off.

Tootbook responds:

Yeah...heh well thanks for the review, sorry about the pixles showing XD.