Reviews for "Japanese VCR"


GENIUS! god, i have to go to their website and see if i can download some of their stuff! that was excellent! hahahah! i laughed my ass off! ahh....
well, the visuals to go with were great. i loved the graphics, and even though you could have used some backgrounds, i think that you drew everything pretty well.
also, the irrate animation of the Asian guy was great, it went really well with the audio. good job.

just2pale responds:

HHA thanks yea the drawing were ok,, i didnt feel i needed a background ,, but thanks.

That was awesome!

Dude, that was freakin' sweet!

"The right is stirr brinking!"

just2pale responds:

Yea that audio is funny

Thats how I feel towards E-Machines

This flash made my day! But I think that the Japanesse are a lil bit smarter. I'm not saying it slams them, but it is very funny!

Being on the phone sucks, but not this one!

Most the cranck calls that I know are laugh-out-loud funny and this is one of them. Funny and creative.


That is so funny!!