Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

Crap with a capital C

I didn't find this funny at all if i could rate -9 thats what you would get

just2pale responds:

thats because you pee pee is small.. if it was bigger you would have a better humor ,, oh well im sorry man.

funny as hell

any one who reads this watch the movie it is hilarious lmao very very noce u have got to do the arnold swarzzinager one lol

just2pale responds:

YESH its funny as hell and the audio is too

"Crock is Till Bwinking"

LMAO That was hilarious.

Good job, funny stuff.

just2pale responds:


Jeeze people lighten up

Firstly LMAO!!! That’s so funny


That’s not racist because there was no deliberate put downs and people who call it racist need to grow the fuck up and stop finding faults. At least pretend you have a cense of humor (and i know what im talking about im welsh) we hear a fair share of jokes about us too.

just2pale responds:

YESH lighten up thank you

This is not racist...ITS HILARIOUS!

I'm an Australian of Chinese descent and i don't find this racist at all this is bloody hilariouis.
The Guy sounds a fair bit like a chinese first speaker (i've heard much worse imitators) but the sword and his wooden thongs looks much more like the japanese like.
In other words I've heard/seen much worst mimics but this ones not too bad.
"Listen to me ROUND EYE" LOL!
Out of curiosity where did you find the Audio?

just2pale responds:

well i thought it was from oppie and anthony,,, but its form garycraig.com