Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

Pretty funny!

I first heard this audio clip a really long time ago.
Great job converting it to a flash movie.

just2pale responds:


That's NOT Opie & Antony

That Crank Call was from Gary Craig

just2pale responds:

I am aware of this now,, and have made the changes ,, thank you

pretty good

i have to say that this was a pretty funny animation. what you should do is some of the arnold schwarzenegger phone calls to gateway and stuff. that would be sweet. overall a good animation for a couple of laughs. oh and for the guy that put in a review just before mine, this animation was made off of an audio clip.

just2pale responds:

Yeah i liked the audio clip alot

DUDE Thats two faced

i think this is quite funny but some of it was a little bit racist with the accent i mean i don't mind people poking fun now and then but the FAKE accent just pissed me off. i do have to say this was more japanese than chinese when the man talked to his wife or mum. Next time get a REAL chinese dude to do the voice acting.

just2pale responds:

BLAH BLAH BLAH.. next time do it yourself.. how about that

What Was Up With That?

I found this flash a little...strange, it was funnyish and i admit it is a TINY bit racist but thats okay, i still likes it. keep up the good work? but next time get a REAL chinese person to do the voicing if you're going to do this sort of stuff again.

just2pale responds:

AWWW man just a TINY bit racist,, damn i was hoping for Flat out OMG WHAT WERE YOU THINKING RACIST