Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

Pretty good

I've heard this before. Pretty funny.
The guy doesn't really look/sound Japanese.

And to the guy that said the Japanese are smarter than that, I'm Japanese, and I'm plenty fucking stupid.


Thats how I feel towards E-Machines

This flash made my day! But I think that the Japanesse are a lil bit smarter. I'm not saying it slams them, but it is very funny!

funny as hell

great flash. very random, but great anyway. nice sync job by the way.


Very impressive! I love your style of animation. It reminds me of south park or something but you are very very good at syncing the characters movements with the audio I am very impressed. Great work!

just2pale responds:

HAHA thanks,, i dont think i have a great style but it suits me fine,, thanks, but yea the hard part is just syncing the audio,, but glad you enjoyed

not bad

it was a bit of a random movie, but it was really good. i liked it.

just2pale responds: