Reviews for "Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6"

Only problem

is in my opinion, that the final battle was too short. Perfect setup for a nice huge battle. When it was said that Mario could copy himself, I was kinda expecting the part of Matrix Reloaded where he'd be fighting all of them at once. That's really just my opinion. Overall, an awesome series. Loved the Star Wars opening for Ep 3.

I can tell that you hate Mario...

I'm only giving you a 5 because you made Mario the bad guy. And I think that you should have made Sonic the bad guy. The only thing I liked about the series is the graphics. But other than that I didn't like this series much.

To tell you the truth....

This was kind of a disappointing ending...........All of THAT(parts 3-5)lead up to Mario being killed by one attack?That's kinda' anti-climactic in the most climactic part of the story.


i...i know those symbols.....you are a satanist.....like myself......truly the movie was good but i never knew that i would find anyone else that was a satanist more than enough on newgrounds.....=O

About Damn Time

Loved all of them and I am glad that a fellow Sonic lover has demolished Mario without making him look like a total pansy though.