Reviews for "Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6"


The lyrics were very good, but the final battle could have been so much better. It was a lack of a movie you should have done much better. I watched this series it was good until this final battle!

This is the best seires on newgrounds of all time

I have watched these movies time and time again and they are always incredible. It has some good humor, some of the things the people say are pretty cool, the music is great! And yet it is blended in to one magnificent creation. Congrats[im a tough grader] and keep it up!

not your best

you really did bad compared too your other movies i thought this out off all of them was the worse but for all of the other ones keep up the good work


A terrific end to a brilliant saga of flashes.Mario really is a total asshole.He deserves to die.

your really good!

its good to see a big sonic fan. mario deserves it for making kiddie games. DOWN WITH THE KIDDIE GAMES!