Reviews for "Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6"

hmmm...more or less what i expected.

all thought i don't like mario i didn't like the way he died but i liked your style and sound.


Thats all i can say, keep up the good work... hehe btw my three year old cousin enjoyed it lol


alright but why couldnt you let mario win at the end why what has he done to everyone at newgrounds?


As I said before.. I love the Gothc style, although there wasn't as much as in the other episodes. I was waiting for Sonic to go Super Saiyan (I know it's Super Sonic... but it looks like SSJ so I just like to call it that). Nice work man. Probally my favorite series.

You and Sonic are my heroes!

I definetely hate Mario! He deserves to die. DOWN WITH NINTENDO! GO WITH SEGA! So,I really appreciate a big, huge sonic fan! But, I wanted a real, tough battle for the end.