Reviews for "Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6"


sonic won. YAY! i know mario is still good, but i like sonic better. and i lul'd at the part where mario pee'd his pants. anyway, awesome flash. 10/10


no matter what people say the flash was great but you should have used the newer mario sprites for when he was alive. other than that everything was great

sonic won yay

yee ha sonic won.i like mario but i think sonic is better

Amazing. Could have put in Hyper Sonic.

Any dummy should know that Sonic can beat Mario. No Questions asked. Mario should had never bothered the cool blue hedgehog in the first place. He wouldn't had gotten the name "lame". Anyways, great flash. I like the United States of Mario. It was funny. After the Master Emerald activated, you should have made Sonic go into Hyper Sonic considering Sonic can go to Hyper Sonic using The Master Emerald. That should teach the fat plummer a lesson. Mario is the #1 gayest thing in the entire universe. Sonic is the #1 best thing (along with many other video game characters like Halo) thing in the Universe. A Nintendo Character can't beat a Sonic Character (yes, including Kirby. Many Sonic characters can outsmart him although those characters are not commonly used. They are used mostly in Sonic Comics. Some of them can be found in Sonic Games though.). The fat plummer should go to the graveyard and never should bother the cool hedgehog again for eternity. Sonic can beat Mario in a battle as well as in other things anytime CASE CLOSED.


Dude Sonic sucks dick!!He cant beat Mario!U couldve at least give Mario a special power like Sonic!