Reviews for "Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6"

bad ending

that was a horrible ending. they should have put more effort and action in it. but I do like sonic.

Lazy one but kinda good......

This video was short probably because the writer was lazy and lost all the good ideas in the first ones but this one was kinda good...........


short mario loses who cares about who wins?!?! they are both good video games and why not make them both die i don't care if you say this is a bad review in other words...

see ya!!!

Good bye and good ridence i always say, nice way to end it.

Nice way to end it

I knew it was only a matter of time till super Sonic appeared,this episode had a dose of epicness to it mainly due to the music that went with it but it was a good way to end it with the way Sonic killed Mario and overall this series though it wasn't great it was fun to watch and you did a good job on it overall. =)