Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"



nice but...

why have we not seen satonic at all since the robotnik vs bowser flash, is he gonna be in any other flashes? is he gonna have a cameo in sonic t swordsman? will my sanity last?! but seriously, we need more of satonic, and h hog, sats not a recolored sonic with wings, hes a recolored SUPER SONIC. remember yo sprites man. now that we got that cleared, we need to see more of satonic, theres a fight i've wanted to see, Satonic Vs M.Bison Vs Gannon. cause they're powers are the same, no more of that mario vs sonic bs, that is ancient history. well, hope you get the time to read this. this is Maximus The Hedgehog, Signing out.

Can it get better?

This movie had high expectations because of the great success of the two before it. This did not disappoint anybody! The graphics were great as usual, and the plot got thicker. The songs are really good for the movie, and EWJ is really funny, which is why the humor in this one is a lot better than the previous ones. Every episode is an improvement from the one before it.


this is gold. real top of the line work. for epi6 u should give sonic some better sword moves try giving him some moves simular to the 1 on inuyasha. i think it would make it better and it would make sonic more of a bad ass

Very good.

I like it alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11