Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"

HA HA oh shit!!

that earth jim is crazy,and that ending with sonic and sparkster was awkward>_<.......ON TO THE NEXT MOVIE!!!

no voice actor, at all....

i have watch your series of STS ep.1-5, they look cool, but good job, but when will you could put voice actor, because they sound did not hear nothing, but good try, but where did you ge the sprite of Onslaught, and the voice sfx... i must know, will the ep.4, look ok, but i never saw that movie back in 2004, but it was ok, but when will you make ep.6, please put voice actor, pleeeasssee....
good job.
good work, keep your good work.

it rocks

Ive seen epesode 1 and 5 and they rock and so does this one

i forget one thing

i submit my opnion of your work beatfull

but i forget of mention im brazilian and sometimes i dont speak

perfect senteces but if you dont understand go for my msn and reply what dont undertand and i concert all

thanks buddy

A great flash i really like it

A very good flash and a very good artist but the one problem with this flash is it needs to be a little long its leavein me hangin which I dont mind but it happens sorta at the wrong area of the movie but besides that it is a very good flash