Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"


I'm crazy or Sonic tryed to kiss Sparks when Super Metal Sonic defeated him?!?!!?

They aren't prepared yet.

Man this is nuts! well, i kinda like it but uh, sonic's group is only 4 (sonic) and Metal sonic is in one army, and he has Ridley,???(forgot his name). Sonic's team aren't supposed to be ready yet. He have to get more new allies, get the chaos emeralds, and i think he is alredy well trained. But Earthworm can't even defeat Ridley, wolverine can't defeat ??? and Sparky (I think that's his name) can't even defeat one of metal sonic's armies. There's only a slight persent of chance of beating metal sonic's army. like 5%,1%, or even 0%(because they are tired of beating the armies). And the worst part is:

1.Even Super sonic can't defeat metal sonic 10%
2.Metal sonic can give his ally super power
3.I think Hyper sonic will be good enough, but he stil has a medium chance of beating him 20%

One thing i have to say is: As long as metal sonic holds the power of the sword, Sonic might never beat him up even if he has his own powerful sword...


WOW GOOD DRAMA ON THIS 1. best 1 yet that ive seen i still have two see the 5th 1 so it might be out spoken soon

Exellent Job!

This is one of my favourites of all time. Its like a soap opera or something. I love the unique band of characters and the ever-changing story to go with it. I'm really looking forward to more of this story.

the thing i liked best was the sadness,good drama!

you made the villians look so darn evil!!! especialy metal sonic by the way that song that played while sonic was slicing that rock, whats it called? i GOTTA KNOW!!!!