Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"

not to shabby.....

now thats what im talkin about way to atone man it better end good thou and you snuck a good bit of humar in to fore a wile i questiond if you wer evin rilly a sonic fan
the character thing is still wrong and the story is good but not great (except that part with sonic remensing of his friends that was great inded) but excelent sprite usage and sound
RIGHT ON BROTHER I eagerly awate the conclusion
i still dont baleave you have the moral right to use the characters the way you do(sonic and others alike...) but I can let it slide
the sonic characters deserve the kind of props thay get in this episode keep it up.
And let it end well,Ok?

It's ok, but...

I don't like how you killed sonic's friends like that. You didn't even allow them to be in more then one episode! Something I advise all sonic movie makers: NEVER make a sonic movie if his friends are all killed. What I hate more is you had to WATCH them die. I mean, couldn't you AT LEAST have let Tails live? After all Tails is Sonic's greatest friend, if not him, you should have at least let one of them live! Wait a minute, what the hell am I saying! What about Shadow? *grabs popcorn and waits for an episode with Shadow in it* Kick 'is ass, Shadow!!!


Sonic t. Swordman episodes are best sonic movies on Newgrounds.When you will make episode 5. I just cant wait that coming out.

I. Do. Not. Fucking. Believe this.

D00d, I don't know how you do it, but this is perfect on everything!
EVERYTHING! Well... Naturally not at interactivity and humor, but there was something particularly bothering me. I guess Wolverine with Mitsurugi's voice is okay, but Sonic and Link? Well... anything better than the one of episode 3, and I guess it was terifficly well-placed when he fell down at start of chapter 2, but for the rest?
Oh, congrats about the emotion when Sonic was rushing to Mekkaku. It touched even me. What will the ending be like? I hope wolv, EWJ and Sparks die in battle and then Sonic from exhaustion right after he destroyed his enemies to join his friends in the white abyss, don't wanna end up with a childish or a downright unhappy ending.Oh, and your movie rocked so I'll give you a minidictionary.

awesome but:

i have been waiting for ep.5 hurry up and make it! Good movie my review 10/10 good job.