Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"

It's OK...

I'm going to rate the whole series so far, not just the fourth episode. Its a great concept, but the execution wasn't that great. The dialogue is pretty lame - there were also a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Some of the fight scenes are a little anticlimactic. i would like to know how you chose that team. Earthworm Jim and Wolverine? Odd choicesm, man. Oh and just for the record, it's spelled "promising".


I can't wait till Episode 5 comes out. This series kicks serious ass.

kik ass

i luv this series, there really awesome. do u no when ep. 5 will come out

Nice movie!

i thought this movie was awesome! when is episode 5 coming out? and sonicfan-ofdrama, who teh hell are charmy, vector, and espio?
i'm thinking of making my own movie like this though. (not the same plot, just same style, sprite movie.)

can't wait for the next

they get better and better i just can't wait for the last one..... (where is shadow,charmy,vector,&espio during all this?)