Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"


That was one of the best things ive seen on newgrounds

Very well done. You've outdone yourself.

This is an incredible series, but the elapse time is going to be really messed up. I would have given you a 7.5,and I didn't want to over grade you. You pretty much wrote yourself into a corner though. Anyways, I know you haven't been on for like 2 years, but if you ever do come back makesure to make a part 5.

good movie! when come's part 5?

sonic the swordsman is great! i waited long for part 5! but when is it ready?

the BEST flash movie series along with ROTMK!!!!!!

This has GOT to be the best( other than Rise of The MK) flash series EVER!!! I just can't wait for Episode 5!!! Keep it it up, man!!


This was great! It is really a great series! Can't wait for #5!