Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.4"

Damn good

I like it. It's really crazy what u did with all of them sprites. This is one of my faves, for real! I liked how you broght back Sparkster from the depths of video games forgotten characters. I was one of the few that bought Sparkster's game....


Hm..hm....I would so join Metal's side I wanna kill people too! Great work with the sprites. The violence is pixilised blood, hah, great one! I give you a 8


This is really good. Gets better every time. Graphics are a 10, because even though you use already made sprites, you move them with such realism that it's breathtaking. Style is the same as always. You always seem to make it fresh. Violence, I give a 10, mainly because of Sonic's dream. (>_<;;) Interactivity is a 5, since you can return to the main menu any time. I upped the humor only because of Earthworm Jim's bits. He's funny. Overall, 10, a very well done job, and now I'm getting ready to watch your latest one.

Good keep going! =)

Great job! One more thing, your series has totally got me hooked on "Oomph!"

That last dude

Why be mean, its just a flash