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Reviews for "TmsT's Duke Nukem Forever"


Okay...to all of you pwn3d nubs... this flash was HILARIOUS!!! The fact that John Stamos was singing along side the beach boys was even better!!! HAHAHA. Oh jesus...back to my point. TmsT has a great point in making this flash...that is of course I understood their reason for making it! I can't believe you puss-anus babies are crying over something as funny as this flash, and to those of you who actually reviewed it well for a good cause, I salute you! Nice blue-motion effects, I love how you made Duke dance like there was no tomorrow. Haha, loved it. You are easily one of my favorite animators up in this websizzle. Keep up the good work!!! And to those dissin' the great Kepple, go back to CS and get nubbed... ya pansies.

TmsT responds:

It's ok, cactus. I got on the front page of Newgrounds AND 3DRealms. The "omg u r gay" reviews are the ones that I was hoping for. I love pissing off those people who can't appreciate my genius. ^_~


The song is very good and the artwork too. But what the hell, Duken Nukem Forever's not in store???

all I say is.... Eh!

Its not bad....well...maybe....nah its not bad. Although I wish 3Drealms actually pulled there heads out of there asses and made the fuckin game already...I mean come on the first DN3D was fucking awsome I mean whats better then Big fucking Guns,hot naked chicks,blowing away bad guys,blowing shit up,and no point too the story at all I ASK YOU GOD DAMNIT!!! anyways cool little flick...but didnt like that gay ass song in the begining...

thankyou for reading
the Homicidal maniac nextdoor


P.S: ME WANNA SEE TITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK NUKEM!!!!!!!!! HAIL TOO THE KING FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of these years DNF will be out... You just wait. :P

Great flash, mate. I actually helped this one make it though the portal, but didn't have time to review it. Happened to stumble across a link to it on 3d Realms' website. Congrats on getting their front page and congrats on the great job of all of the obvious losers who get pissed off at this! :)

Also want to let you know that I quite enjoyed the Commander Keen Ten Years On parody. Great work on that one.

TmsT responds:

Thanks! Stay tuned for the "Commander Keen" MOVIE that I'm making with the aid of Commander Keen fans around the world in 2005. If you'd like to join in and add your voice, check out the "Public Commander Keen Forums" (Google it, I can't type links here).

HAHAHAHA!!! Brilliant... ;)

Hail to the king F0R3V3R!! Keep reaching for that rainbow, Duke...Your time will come! :D