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Reviews for "TmsT's Duke Nukem Forever"

When it's done can come!

Nice to rewatch this video at a time when the game is just about to release. This video was made at a time when the game was in a hopeless state, with gamers giving up on the game while only a small group of believers kept on checking 3DRealms daily for the slightest indication of news.

This video is an ode to the game that is Duke Nukem Forever, and now more than ever, because it's coming out it less than 60 days, woohoo!

Duke Nukem Forever!

It sure is taking forever, in fact the title forever fit it perfectly, hell maybe the developers anticipated forehand...

Well we know who to blame,

George brussard had a good idea for DNF. but before the end of the ninties they were the biggest game companny in the world. and what 3D realms or Apoge tried to do was to make a PERFECT game, but we all know that is impossible. morale of the story, take your time but not too long

That game is not yet released!

These things never happened!

The deal

This movie is good and all but just so all you guys know if you kept up to date you would know that they fired the duke nukem forever team so its never coming out... yeah bummer right duke,s future is forever unknown