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Reviews for "TmsT's Duke Nukem Forever"

Awww, no reviews in 2016. Anyway, I loved this if only because you treated the franchise so well. It's been a long time since I've seen something drawn by you. I wish you'd go back to animutations. Well, the game finally came out. From what I heard, it wasn't that good.

Yep, five years since that time. I'd love to see a sequel to THIS. I just loved how you used all those different versions of Duke Nukem. It shows how much the character has gone through. I'm not eager to see a sequel to that game.

RIP?! HA! Are you kidding me? It's fucking alive, man! And I'm having a helleva fun time playing it on my XBOX 360 now. >=3 God flash though

TmsT responds:

Haha yes and you know what's also alive? Another season of Full House in this, the year of our lord 2016! Produced by John Stamos himself! They even sang this damn song in the first episode!

Seven years later

Who would have thought seven years later that this game would finally see the light of day?

Well heres to the game and your great effort and devotion!
Fantastic job!

TmsT responds:

Haha, not me! Well, I always HOPED, but never truly thought it would happen.


Hey TmsT, I've always been a big fan since 2003! Love you're animations. I'm sure you've already got your preorder of Duke Nukem Forever! Somebody finally came through :)

TmsT responds:

No preorder, but I did play it. Up to the point where I was too much of a filthy casual to be bothered playing anymore. :3 I guess it was a good game, but the boss battles were just too boring to continue after getting sent back to the previous checkpoint for the 18th time.


This is a violant sexual video game not an 80s rock group...