Reviews for "Animash"

Good Try

Nice flash and it's good to see Flash Artists or Animators to get together and make a joint flash

for a 10 year old

only 2 animations were good(cheeseisgoooood & master samus)
the others were for 10 year olds. Nothing original, pointless.

omg omg omg!!!!!

this is sooooooooo goood (most of them ,some are crap) especially
the one from fuelkat and master samus plzzzz make more !!

u guys rock!


This didn't really need a storyline as it was just an animation showoff thingy. Bearing that in mind this is bloody excellent! Good on all of you!

Stunning Truely Stunning!

This is Brilliant!!!! I rarly give high scores but this is definatly getting a 5 as for the "xiao xiao wannabe's" theres no comparison... Sure Zhu has some great Flashes but This was spectacular...and what surprized me the most was how well the music went with the Flashes. This is a great peice of Work you all should be proud and anyone who dosen't rate this good has no taste in good animation. Tekkan personally i think your flash was the best (all of them were great!) the way you choriographed that scene it was soo smooth Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just have two Questions...

1. Whats is That song Called?
2. Will there be an Animash 2?