Reviews for "[a.] Endless Sky"

one thing

the piano add on towards the end... should've been a lil more than two notes jumpin in 3 positions... kinda hurt me ears. but besides that, loved it =)

-Da Jedai-

Rawrthaas responds:

it was four positions!

haha but yeah you're right =)

Endless pot of awesome

With a slow start of soft piano, it grows into a energetic meld of drums, bass, and a touch of nostalgia. I can't help to step back into my childhood with this song, almost as if I was at an arcade, playing a game of some sort. Music like this captures everything good about drum n bass, and adds some nice trance to stir at all together like a pot of awesome.
Now only if it was a bit longer, and with more of that nice piano at the beginning and the end, it would simply be sublime.

Rawrthaas responds:

Nostalgia is always awesome


i love this song...

very nice work

Rawrthaas responds:

;] thanks!


Congratz on the music, real nice Trance/Techno
Base fits: Check
Keeps rythm: Check
Melody stays right not becoming dull after a while : Check
Melody keeps right, and stays on track : Check
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