Reviews for "[a.] Endless Sky"

one thing

the piano add on towards the end... should've been a lil more than two notes jumpin in 3 positions... kinda hurt me ears. but besides that, loved it =)

-Da Jedai-

Rawrthaas responds:

it was four positions!

haha but yeah you're right =)

How ya doin???

Hello there Rawrthaas!
The beat is amazing. Such energy! And your little breakdowns kick my ass.
Loving the melodies in here! I don't expect any less from you.

Oh man, the screaming melody that fades in near the end is the icing on the cake!
I love the little beat glitches. Your piano melodies are fantastic. Such a great song!

Damn... I need to step up my game! haha.

i2 (Paul)

Rawrthaas responds:


this is the creativity of the century

lets all trance step get up in the baby beanies and weenies good job 10/10 5/5

Rawrthaas responds:

npk all day nigguh


This is nice. Really nice. I'm loving it. Became a little repetitive around 0:45 till 1:05,
but that could just be me. Nice buildup though. I agree with SirTom, good choice of instruments. I wouldn't really call this D'n'B though. More trancish. I'm loving it though.


Rawrthaas responds:

yes, it's very heavily trance influenced =)


A really nice song, good tempo build up and the instruments were worked in nicely. I didn't to much like the high pitch techno beeping sound when it was going into the second section of the song, it rather took away from the tune. An impressive song, I enjoyed it allot. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

Rawrthaas responds:

Thank you